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The NEW Quinn Steel Targets Spinner features (5) gongs held firmly in place by rare earth magnets.  When shot, the gongs fall off creating an imbalance causing the gongs to change direction.  The gongs spin around two sealed ball bearing pillow blocks with grease fittings.  If spun hard (think Wheel of Fortune) the friction free design and perfectly equal weighted arms will spin for approximately 5 minutes by itself.   All exposed areas are made from 3/8″ AR-500 steel.

Steel Target Shooting Tips:

Manufacturing and Durability: Quinn Steel Targets are waterjet machined from domestic AR-500 steel plate.  Quinn targets are never cut with laser or plasma because the high heat weakens steel during the cutting process.  By waterjet machining our products, we can ensure the steel does not rise above room temperature so our targets maintain a uniform hardness from center to perimeter.  Waterjet machining allows us to achieve the highest possible quality and produce a superior product.

Material and Thickness: 3/8″ thick AR-500 steel plate is recommended for centerfire pistols, carbines and long range rounds traveling below 2500 FPS at point of impact.  1/4″ is all that is required for the rimfire family.  If a different thickness or material is desired, please contact us directly to start a custom order.  If you are deforming and/or penetrating 3/8” AR-500 steel, increasing plate thickness does not always solve the problem.  Velocity wears down steel targets, if you wish to shoot high powered rifle rounds at 100 yards or less, steel may not be for you…

Finishing:  Quinn Steel Targets are shipped “in the raw” or bare metal.  We recommend spraying your steel targets with a rattle can after each range day.  Most of our competition targets and gongs come with paint templates made from hard plastic so you can re-apply scoring lines after every shoot.

Mounting and Hanging:  The Quinn spinner comes with its own tripod stand based on our HD target Stands.  QST offers two basic target stand solutions depending on how you shoot.  Our Heavy Duty target stand weighs in at 70lbs and features a quick change/no hardware design protected by 3/8″ thick AR-500 steel cladding.  The HD stand is intended to setup on your range and stay exactly where you put it.  Our universal stand consists of a lightweight but durable steel top and bottom assembly designed to use a metal fence t-post, 2×4 or even a stick as vertical posts.  The universal stand is designed to come apart in seconds to fit in the trunk of a small car.  What range is complete without a few hanging targets?  We offer traditional and innovative hanging target solutions using recycled fire engine hose.


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Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 in