Quinn Heavy Duty Target Stand



Quinn HD Target Stand

Quinn Steel Targets are designed to use two distinctly different target stands depending on your intended use. Both stands come complete with grade 8 hardware and can be painted or powdercoated if desired.

Quinn HD stands feature NO exposed hardware in the entire upper portion of the stand. All hardware is well protected by 3/8″ AR-500 plate. Targets are changed out in seconds simply by lifting them in and out out of the HD mount’s angled slots. The feet are adjustable to compensate for uneven terrain.

Universal Stands (not shown) come in upper and lower base sections. What goes in between them is entirely up to you… the universal stand is designed to use just about anything: sticks, 2x4s, angle iron, pipe, square tubing, etc. Consider the universal stand instead of the HD stand if you frequently travel with your target.