6 Gong Dueling Tree




The Quinn Steel Targets Dueling Tree uses a completely unique design featuring a spring and cam to ensure the gongs return firmly to the right or left position 99.9% of the time. Compare this to our competitors’ designs which frequently stick in the rear position because this old design relies solely on gravity to return the gongs to side positions.

The 6 independent hinge mechanisms feature grease fittings and are extremely heavy duty with a 3/4″ ground pins at the core. The stainless steel helper springs will give you a lifetime of trouble free and stall free operation no matter what environment. The dueling tree uses the same base as our heavy HD target stand which is adjustable to just about any terrain.

Durability: Quinn Steel Targets are waterjet machined from domestic AR-500 steel plate. Quinn targets are never cut by laser or plasma due to the high heat that weakens AR-500. By waterjet machining our products, we can ensure the material does not rise above room temperature so that our targets have a uniform hardness from center to perimeter. Waterjet machining allows Quinn Steel Targets to achieve the highest possible product durability and sets us apart from our competition.

Material/Plate Thickness: 3/8″ thick AR-500 steel plate is recommended for pistols, carbines and long range shooting. Common thicknesses are 1/4″ (rimfire), 3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4″.

Tip: If you are deforming or penetrating 3/8” AR-500 targets, increasing plate thickness does not always solve the problem. You will need to reduce the velocity of your bullet to under 2,000 fps by increasing the distance between you and the target.

Finishing: Quinn Steel Targets offer many finishing options from bare metal to custom powdercoat. Please take into consideration that even the best coatings will not withstand a bullet strike at the point of impact.